Believe to Achieve - The Power of Perseverance

 This is my signature keynote address that I have been giving to corporations, trade associations, colleges, high schools, service clubs, and various other organizations for over three decades. Clients have included the San Diego Association of Realtors, Great Western Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, NetDirector, Coldwell Banker International Convention, Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Convention, Conejo Simi Moorepark Association of Realtors, National Association of REO Brokers, Genuine Auto Parts, The Long Beach Century Club, Mount San Jacinto College, Golden Goal Seminars, Glendale Quarterback Club, Los Angeles Chapter of the NFL Players Association, Citicorp Trust Bank, Great Oak High School, Long Beach Woodrow Wilson High School, and many, many more. The inspiring content of this keynote address, for which I have received a virtual plethora of praise from audiences across the nation, is highlighted on the "About Me" page of this web site. 

Being BOLD - How to Create Your Own Opportunities

The basis for this informative presentation was also derived from my life experiences. Chronicled in by book, "Believe to Achieve - The Power of Perseverance," this presentation can be delivered as a keynote speech or as a half-day or full-day interactive seminar. I cover the steps required to set goals and achieve the desired outcome by recounting how I have done so time and time again in business-related environments as well as in my early years to gain self-confidence, self-respect, and success. - sucess that others thought was not possible. But, because I "Believe," and I clearly understood the neceesity for hard work and determination, I proved the many naysayers wrong. Powerful stuff!!

Being Positive and Prepared - How to Give a Great Presentation

When I was in grade school I was absolutely petrified to stand in front of a class to give ANY presentation, such as an oral book report for example. I got over that in high school by taking a drama class and later, because I was continually thrown into situations where I had to address executive managers or  give sales presentations while in various positions, I honed my presentation skills. My grade school teachers would be amazed that I have also given hundreds of keynote speeches all over the country for more than three decades. In this half-day or full-day seminar you will learn how to give a memorable, impactful and meaningful presentation. Learn how to overcome the fear and anxiety that is often associated with giving a sales presentation or speech to become a powerful presenter in your own right!